A Blockchain-Based Open Protocol for Creative Industries

The Muzeum Protocol is a public-domain database and decentralized copyright tracking framework for creative industries, backed by blockchain and distributed technologies. We believe Muzeum will lay the fundamental infrastructure for creative industries to foster an acceleration of collaboration and innovation.

A Public Domain Database for Creative Talents and Content

  • Blockchain-based, so all records are immutable and cannot be tampered with.
  • Distributed file systems, to grant data consistency to all.
  • Decentralized, so no single person or organization owns or controls the data.

An Open Platform for Collaboration, Licensing and Transferring

  • Smart contracts that allow transactions to be automatically executed.
  • Distributed ledgers for copyright holders to track content usage and royalty distribution.

Improved Copyright and Digital Assets Management

  • Tamper-proof features that makes Muzeum ideal for proof of creation and ownership.
  • Reinforced protection on copyright holders’ digital assets through property chains and encryption.
  • Permissionless systems encouraging creative communities to share their digital assets while monitoring usage.

Proliferation of New Applications and Businesses

  • Everyone is able to create new application services with data in the public domain.
  • Unites applications to utilize and contribute to the ecosystem.
  • Innovation and business models that were otherwise difficult to achieve will be rendered possible.

Technical Architecture

Smart Contract Platform

Leveraging Ethereum as the smart contract platform for licensing, royalty split, and endorsement.


Digital Property Blockchain

The Bitmark blockchain records ownership and transaction history of digital assets.


IPFS Distributed File System

IPFS allows files to be distributed and stored across all nodes of the network, ensuring data will not be lost due to hosting server failures while providing a robust storage infrastructure.



Muzeum adopts the Rights Reference Model (RRM) proposed by the Linked Content Coalition (LCC), and implements JSON-LD as well as the semantic definitions of for the purpose of establishing an open semantic network.

Muzeum White Paper
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