blockchain system

Talent Resources and Networking Services

Decentralized creative talent resource services can be established by utilizing endorsement records on the blockchain. The creator's capabilities and experience can be verified through the connections of creative works, copyright ownership and endorsements, making it more convenient for creative talents to find collaborators.

While blockchain technology increases transparency in copyright ownership, it’s’ proof-of-existence nature can also be leveraged to provide certification for creative talents and industry practitioners. Combined with the history of creation and talent endorsement, various types of human resources and networking related applications will emerge.

blockchain system

Copyright Management, Transaction and Licensing Platform

Creators and copyright holders can register their own copyrights, set licensing terms and conditions, and execute licensing activities automatically on decentralized copyright management platforms.

Licensees can accept the pre-set terms and conditions front-loaded by the copyright holders, or negotiate customized licensing terms e-managed through smart contracts.

blockchain system

Issuance of Token

Application developers can create their own tokens on the blockchain. For example, musicians can issue their own fan club tokens to loyal fans as a proof of membership.

Different tokens can represent various types of access to exclusive contents online and offline live events. Information and special conditions such as membership expiration date, membership fee, conditions for transfer can also be managed by smart contracts.

blockchain system

Smart Crowdfunding

Creators can tokenize and sell part of the copyright of their creative works by leveraging token issuance and smart contracts. Fans can purchase copyright shares to support the creators, allowing them to share a part of the copyright’s future revenue while the creators receive funding for production and marketing.

This also applies to music and filmmaking projects, as it provides extra incentive for fans, and creates additional sources of funding for the creators. Copyright royalty splits may be automatically carried out through smart contracts without middlemen intervention.

blockchain system

Advanced Digital Content Distribution Services

Muzeum presents new possibilities for digital content distribution and media applications. Developers with application services which utilize Muzeum can access content in the public domain database, search and license creative works with front-loaded licensing terms and conditions that meet the application’s business model and functional requirements.

This allows application developers to focus on product development, while creators and copyright holders possess the liberty of setting, adjusting and managing the licensing of their creative works.

blockchain system

  • Blockchain and distributed systems are the fundamental layer, namely the public database and the open computing platform.
  • The second layer "protocol layer" is the industry protocol running on the blockchain and distributed systems. Such as standardized data formats, licensing and royalty distribution procedures, etc.
  • The third layer "application layer", is where application services are constructed by leveraging the protocols and blockchains.
  • The fourth layer of "participants", representing all of the industry’s participants in the future, will strengthen their mutual cooperation and allow creative Industries to act as a living organism under this structure.
In addition to increasing connectivity and trust, cooperation and co-creation, greater transparency and efficiency, the emergence of new business models will also increase the demand of talent, content, and copyrights.

List of Participants


Musician / Music Band

Video Production Team





Copyright holders

Content creators

Music Label/ Film Studio

Game Companies / Arts Groups company

Media / Owners / Investors

Brokers / Agents

Talent Agency

Copyright Agent

Publishing / Publishers


Digital content distribution platforms for audio-visual media

Audio and video production studio

Live event organizers

Retail shops

Individual users and more

Related Parties

Performers / Groups

Production Team Members

Copyright Management Companies

Other Copyright Related Parties


Core System Team

Application Service Provider

Academic Research Unit

Other Independent Developers

Collection Societies

Collection Society for Sound Recording

Collection Society for Music Composition


Copyright Administration Office

Cultural and Creative Industry Authority